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When it comes to detail-oriented life and family insurance, Cheney Brennan & Associates in New Braunfels, Texas, is the one to turn to. Our professionals listen to your story and customize a plan that suits your specific needs. Owning life insurance can provide collateral for business loans and operations. In addition, we offer buy-and-sell policies for corporations.

Flexible Solutions

Available options include term, whole, and universal insurance. The costs are based on your lifestyle. Take your pick from a wide array of versatile options, including:

  • Options for People with High-Risk Medical Issues

    Options for People with High-Risk Medical Issues

  • An Alternative to Roth IRA - Whole Life

    An Alternative to Roth IRA - Whole Life

  • Enjoy the comfort of a Living Benefit for your Life policy

    Enjoy the comfort of a Living Benefit for your Life policy

  • Policies for Conversions without the Need for Proof of Insurability

    Policies for Conversions without the Need for Proof of Insurability

Trustworthy Service

At Cheney Brennan & Associates, we pride ourselves on absolute integrity and honesty. Our agency works with elite and top-rated carriers that have been in business for more than 100 years. Some of our clients include large corporations that can attest to our lifetime-worthy service. We don’t limit ourselves as an agency or set limitations on our clients. For additional details about our insurance plans, feel free to give us a call.

Hybrid life insurance policies are wonderful!

These policies combine long-term care insurance with permanent life insurance policies such as universal life insurance (which, like whole life insurance, includes a savings-investment component that builds up over time).

In the hybrid scenario, a policyholder would withdraw funds from the policy when they are needed for long-term care, and the insurance company pays for care when those funds run out. And if the policyholder dies without having needed expensive long-term care, the heirs receive a death benefit — therefore the premiums paid into the policy are not “wasted.”

Term Life Insurance is the least expensive way to go if you are looking for a Fixed Period of Time 10-15-20-25 or 30 years as a rule. Remember this at the end of your term some policies allow you to convert without proof of insurability at the age you convert. Options like Universal and Whole Life ARE AVAILABLE BUT AT WHAT COST!

Universal Life is a flexible product that builds some cash value and allows for living benefits as well. This is contingent of which carrier you go with. The major advantage of the universal life insurance policy is the potential to not have to pay life insurance premiums for life, yet still be insured into your retirement. As you get older and have more financial responsibilities, being able to cut down on costs like life insurance is a definite advantage. If you are older, then a universal life policy may not make as much sense as a whole life policy which is a safer investment and provides additional advantages.

Whole Life is a Guaranteed premium for life and is a great way to build for retirement! This should be considered as a forefront runner in a person’s portfolio as this is tax-free upon death to your Estate Whole Life also has living benefits! Whole life insurance is also known as “straight life” and “permanent life insurance.”

A whole life policy covers you for your entire life, not just for a specific period (see term life insurance). Whole life insurance policies apply the premiums paid into both the savings or investments and the life insurance death benefit. Whole life insurance is similar to universal life insurance which also lasts your whole life.

How Does Whole Life Insurance Cost Compare to Other Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is more expensive than other life insurance because it isn’t just life insurance. When you pay your premiums for your policy you are putting part of it towards life insurance, but then another part of what you are paying goes into the investment portion. Naturally, you are going to be paying more for a whole life policy with investment savings, than you would if you just took a basic term life insurance policy. Your whole life insurance policy will also pay you tax-free dividends, this gives you some flexibility and benefit that you would not see with term life insurance.

Some people may choose to use that dividend to contribute to the payment of the premium or take cash payouts from it outs from it.

In our economy today leverage is very important to be able to pull from in times of need!! Living Benefits are one way to provide comfort in our changing World!

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