Clients Testimonials

Ziggy Zickwolfe

Cindy is a true professional while honestly caring about her clients as people. . She is knowledgeable and will go out of her way to do what is right and kind.

Williams Heating & Air Conditioning

Cindy has been taking care of us for 20+ years! I couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable and helpful agent

Renee Folker

Parris is the best! Sweetest gal you will meet. You want to work with her! Trust me!
– April 18, 2017

Linda Black

I would like to take this opportunity to express our experience with the above referenced company. Cheney, Brennan and Associates have handled our insurance for several years. It has been my personal pleasure to work closely with Parris Cheney for almost three years on providing our company with the best possible insurance coverage for the best possible rates. Cheney, Brennan and Associates are a strong dedicated team of professional individuals. They are the true definition of a “customer service oriented” company. They go above and beyond the call of duty to assist us with all of our needs, from answering questions regarding our coverage to dealing directly with the providers to resolve billing issues. They don’t just sell you a policy and then forget about you, they actually service their customers in the utmost professional, confidential way.

One example of dedication and the quality of service was when I expressed to Parris that we were not happy with our current commercial carrier and she listened. She immediately started the process to become a commercial agent so she can bid our commercial policy upon renewal. It is my opinion that this is the mark of a true professional that takes their business very seriously and cares about their clients.

If there was just one thing I could tell everyone about Cheney, Brennan and Associates it would be, once you have the privilege of working with this team, you will never want to do business with another insurance company for the rest of your life.

Chere Cormier

Cheney Brennan and Assoc. will give you peace of mind when you need it most, during health issues. Parris will discuss options and requirements in detail so the whole family understands the protocal. Parris is the most dedicated agent I have ever worked with for the past ten years. She goes over and above the call of duty to see her clients through any difficult billing issues,hosptal stay, and long term care decisions. I have been in the financial field for 30 years, but I have never seen the quality of service parris provides for her clients ever in this changing health care industry.
It is rare to have a knowledgeable agent, who cares for her clients like family…..that is parris!!! Needless to say,I have recommended parris and company to all of my friends for their health care needs and financial services. No one will provide this type of attention to your personal challenges like parris!! We love and appreciate you for your tremendous dedication to folks in our community that depend on honest, agents with impeccable integrity….that’s you parris!!we thank you!

Leah Eyster

I have been with Cheney, Brennan and Associates company for almost 20 years and highly recommend them. Parris always takes care of me and my family with all the changes throughout the years. She will tailor a plan for your individuals needs and is very helpful and explains in detail so you will understand your policy. I highly recommend them!

Betty M. Brown

I am over 79 years old and have had a number of Insurance Companies during my lifetime. I can testify to the world that I have NEVER had an Insurance Company anywhere near as good and caring for me than Cheney Brennan Insurance Company!! They REALLY take care of their clients! Betty Brown

John Barnes

Parris is and has been great for us, as we changed insurance, which was a scary and frustrating time. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Tiffany Moody

I love Cheney Brennan & Assoc. They are wonderful people, professional and treat you like your family and takes really good care of you. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM for anyone…

Michelle Webster

This is a wonderful company. Always professional and protects me when it comes to any issues that I may have.

Tammy Lawrence

very helpful, knows their businesses, new & old companies. find the best things that work for you.

Sandy Clendening

If you want a great insurance company I would highly recommend Cheney Brennan & Assoc. The staff there are wonderful, caring and loving and treat you as though you are family. My concerns are their concerns and they handle any problem professionally. The are not a company that say’s they will have to get back to you and then you never hear from them again or it may take a week or two, they have an answer to your problem within 24 hours. I highly recommend Cheney Brennan & Assoc. to anyone and everyone. I appreciate the many years of service that they have given to me and my family and look forward to many more years to come…SC
– April 24, 2015

Gene Steel

One of our favorites. Always does what they say. So very dependable that we would recommend unconditionally. We love Cheney Brennan & Associates!
– May 20, 2015